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Qosmet - Enabling passive QoS measurements

  • Evaluate application flow performance over the network in real-time.
  • Any IP-based application can be measured.
  • Easy delivery of results for 3rd party SW, for example:
    • Adapt your application stream to the prevailing network conditions,
    • Perform vertical handovers based on the achiveved QoS, or
    • Just gather long term performance information of the selected service(s).
  • Easy interface for full remote control of the measurements
    • Invoke a measurement to the desired path when needed.
  • Qosmet is a passive solution for measuring/monitoring one-way QoS (Quality of Service) performance from the applicationís point of view in the desired network path
  • The results can be evaluated in real-time or stored for latter analysis.
  • Qosmet is at itís best when measuring the QoS of real-time applications (e.g., VoIP, video conferencing, IPTV), but practically any IP based application can be measured.
  • The solution is based on light-weight measurement agents, running as services in the desired measurement points, while the measurements can be remotely invoked and controlled at any time.
  • Possible users include operators, service providers, service developers, network and measurement equipment manufacturers, and end-users.
  • Developed by VTT


  • Modular structure - Qosmet Service/Core is located in measurement points
    • Quality of Service Measurement Communications Protocol (QMCP) allows full remote control of measurements.
    • Measurement can be performed by Qosmet UI or any QMCP capable SW.
    • Easy integration with 3rd party SW
    • A single Service supports numerous independent measurements.
  • Qosmet Service is a lightweight SW: No special HW is needed.
  • Easy QoS measurement results distribution to 3rd party receivers.
  • Option: support for multipoint measurements (distributed calculation)
Measurement outcome
  • QoS statistics
    • Delay
    • Jitter
    • Packet loss
    • Connection break statistics
  • Traffic statistics
    • Load
    • Volume of data
    • Packet sizes
  • Flow statistics
    • Traffic flows seen in a measurement node/li>
    • Per flow: load, duration, transmitted data, etc.
  • QoE (pseudo-subjective analysis)
    • Accurate VoIP and video quality with PSQA in MOS scale
    • General application QoE with GQoSM

  • All statistics are one-way statistics, and can be calculated for a single flow, aggregation of selected flows, or all the traffic between the measurement points.
More information
Qosmet contact information

Dr. Jarmo Prokkola, Senior Scientist
Tel. +358 20 722 2346